My experience with p219

Written by Jon Erik McWilliams.

Coming into this project I had some experience with the Unity game engine, but not quite enough knowledge to sit down and make my own game. Through this project I wanted to get familiar with Unity so I felt comfortable taking on my own projects. I also wanted to become more comfortable when working in a development team. This is a skill which takes time to adapt to and I was eager to gain as much experience with it as possible.

I learned a lot about working together as a development team. To be more specific, I have become a lot more comfortable using Git. Having experience with fixing Git conflicts is definitely a skill I am glad to have more experience in, especially since these conflicts will occur when working on large projects, regardless of how careful your team is. I also feel more comfortable using the various Git tools, like branching, merging, stash, fetch, etc. Since Git is such a widely used tool within software development I am glad to have become more familiar with it.

If I had a bit more time with the project, I would have liked to make the game play out more smoothly. By adding a start to the game, and some clear end goal, the game would have a better flow to it and make the player feel more comfortable with what it is he or she is expected to do. At its present state, the game places the player in the world and the player just has to look around to figure out how to play the game. We have some NPCs (Non-Player Character) in the starting area who tell the players which buttons to press, and where to find the randomly generated dungeons, but this does not really solidify what the game expects of the player.

Other things like being able to enter buildings, or the ability to buy items from NPCs or stores, or being able to equip items, were things we discussed together and wanted to implement into the game. Sadly these things became stretch goals which we didn’t manage to complete in time. After all, the goal of our project wasn’t to make a complete game, but to work together on a project to get a better understanding of what it was like to work together as a team of developers using tools such as Git and SCRUM. From this, I can safely claim that time and task management is very difficult and hard to predict when working on a project like this.

Throughout this project I learned a lot of interesting things about game development. I think one of the things that sticks out most for me is that setting up the control scheme and logic for the controls of a game is a lot harder than you would originally expect. It is difficult to get controls to feel natural and to respond correctly to what the player is thinking. I wanted to avoid a situation where the player is fighting the controls, rather than the game, but this turned out to be challenging.

I really enjoyed working on this project. Game development is something I have always been interested in and understanding Git and SCRUM are skills which I believe will be very valuable. Over all I am very glad that the project turned out the way it did.


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