My experience

Hello, this is Alexander. One of the developer from the P219 development team. In this post I will talk about what I have been doing in the project, and what my experience with Unity, Source Tree and Mono developer.

In this game, I have been working with:

  • Animations

  • Enemies

  • Bosses

  • Xbox 360 controller mapping

  • Player’s attacks and abilities

  • Chest/health potions

  • Healing weld

  • Fog of War

  • Testing/debugging

  • Scripting

  • Optimization.

I have since the beginning of the project learned a lot. From before, I have never made a game or used Unity, so everything was new to me. It took a while to get started with Unity, but after I’ve used it some time it was really fun working with. I’ve definitely learned very must from this course/project, and it have also been very fun.

The Unity community it large, and I have found a lot of stuff and help online. If I have a question that none of my teammates know the answer of, it is most likely something someone else have asked about in the forums. With that being said, 3D games are way more popular to make then 2D, so everything I found is not relevant for 2D games.

What I didn’t liked about Unity, is Mono texteditor, which have poor functionality. No error/poor error detection. This means that after I have written some code, I have to save and go to Unity and wait for it to compile. This takes a lot of time.

Over to Source Tree, which is a graphical git client. This is a very powerful tool and let us merge our work, and roll back if there is any problems.

What I would do different if we started over with the project, would be not to use Tile2Unity. We started using this program to create maps and import it to Unity, but this did not work well with Source Tree/GIT. We would also have knowledge about how long time the different features takes, so we could do a better planning in forehand.

My conclusion after using Unity with this project is that it is easy and fun to work with. The requires little knowledge to start using it, and you will start seeing result early. After you have made some prefabs and scripts, you can quick make much of game very fast. My advantage is that I have programmed in java and C earlier, and C# which is used in Unity is not that far away these languages.

Best regards,



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